AUGUST 19, 2018

We are sad to announce that the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry has closed. Over the years we have struggled to find a consistent functional pantry location and to get enough food and monetary donations to provide food to our clients each month. Those struggles finally got the best of us.
We are proud that for 8 1/2 years we were able to help struggling low income pet owners in the Cincinnati area feed their pets so they didn’t have to give them up. The animal welfare community in Cincinnati is much more robust than it was when we opened the Pantry in March 2010 and we are hopeful that other organizations and companies in our community will step in help these pet owners.
We are incredibly grateful to all who have supported us over the years, including United Pet Fund, Petco Foundation, Princess Gentle Paws Pet Sitting and Care, LLC, and so many vet offices, doggy daycares, and other companies that have hosted donation barrels to collect food and the companies, charitable organizations, and individuals who gave us grants, donated food and monetarily, held donation drives, and collected other donations for us and to the companies that allowed us to have space in your facilities to operate the Pantry out of for whatever time you were able to give us. You all sustained us for 8 1/2 years. Thank you.
We are also incredibly grateful to all the volunteers who have helped us over the years. Some have been with us for many years – one volunteer has been with us since day 1 in March 2010 when we operated out of a storage facility in Madisonville. Some would drop everything to go meet a delivery truck or a donor or to empty a donation barrel and spent lot of their own money to support the Pantry. The loyalty of our volunteers has blown us away. Thank you all. We could not have helped as many pet owners over the years or lasted as long as we did without all of you. You made it fun and made it all work so seamlessly every month and helped us roll with the punches when a wrench was thrown in things and we had to adapt on the fly. We have the best volunteers! We are so happy that you all have come into our lives through our common mission to help pet owners through the Pantry. We hope you agree that we are all better for having met each other.
To our clients – we have enjoyed getting to know you and helping you over the years. We loved being able to give back to the community and to be able to help fellow pet lovers. You are why we existed. We especially appreciated all of the expressions of gratitude that we received today even as we gave you the bad news. Thank you for understanding. We will do our best to identify other resources to help you feed your pets and will share that information as it becomes available.
They say all good things must come to an end. Today is the end of a very good thing – The Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry has ended. Thank you all for the support over the years. It has meant so much to us. ❤️
-The folks behind the CINCINNATI PET FOOD PANTRY