How Can You Help Keep Pets With Their Families?

How Can You Help Keep Pets With Their Families?

Support the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry

Tell your friends, family, and coworkers about us.  Tell them they can volunteer.  Tell them they can donate money or do a food drive for us.  Tell them they can pick up extra pet food or litter at the store when they do their shopping and they can drop it off at any of our donation drop off sites.  And you can do the same… Get involved!

To view all of our Drop-Off locations throughout the Greater Cincinnati area,  check out the Donation Drop-Off Locations page.

Spread the Word

The more people that know about us, the more potential volunteers and donors we will have.  We rely on the generosity of folks like you to operate the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry – we are an all volunteer organization! We all work full-time jobs in addition to running the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry (and Recycled Doggies).


We do most of our pet food distributions on Sunday mornings, usually the third Sunday of the month.  It’s a 2 hour commitment, and it’s fun!


We always are in need of monetary donations.  We never get enough donations of kitty litter, so we have to purchase kitty litter every month as well as special diet food for certain pets and other pet food if our supplies run low.

We also have to pay the electric bill at our location and insurance (the actual space is generously donated by the folks that own Circle Storage and Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa).

We often have to buy dry dog and cat food, critter (hamster/gerbil, guinea pig, ferret, bird) food, and wet cat food also.  We do not charge Pantry clients anything for the food they receive from us.  That means we rely on donations from the public to continue doing what we do.

We are also in need of food donations.  We accept any unopened, unexpired pet food.  Any brand, any size container.  You can drop it off at any of the donation drop-off sites around the city.  Or you can bring it to the Pantry on our monthly distribution day only, please. If you have a very large amount to donate, contact us at and we can set up a time to meet you.

Hold a Pet Food Drive

Hold a pet food drive at your work, church, or in your neighborhood.  We can even donate a t-shirt for you to offer as a prize to your biggest donor.  Have fun with it!

Have Other Ideas?

Let us know! Email us at