About Our Pet Food Assistance Program

During these difficult economic times, some families are facing the choice between feeding themselves or taking care of loved ones.

This choice is made by parents of low-income families every day and many times involves the family pet. Feed the family or feed the family pet? Visit the doctor or provide food to the loved pet?

Local shelters and animal rescues are experiencing an increase in owner relinquishments of family pets due to the family’s inability to afford pet food and pet care for their beloved four-legged family members.

Giving up a family pet to make sure it is has food and is healthy is a very traumatic experience for both the humans AND the animal.

Fortunately, many families will no longer be required to make the choice to feed themselves or their pets. The Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry will provide temporary food assistance to pet owners who are currently unable to afford food for their pets and may be forced to give up their pets without food assistance.

Get the Food Your Pet Needs

The Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry has a food distribution day every month. Our website features all upcoming events and their location. We distribute cat food, dog food, “critter” food (as available) and cat litter at distribution events.

You will be required to complete an application at the distribution event you attend and be sure to bring:

  • Proof of Income or Pantry-issued ID (for repeat clients)
  • Photo ID

Please read our Eligibility Guidelines thoroughly to make sure that you qualify for pet food assistance.  Please remember that we limit each distribution day to a maximum of 150 pet owners.