Got a question about the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry? Check here to see if we answered it first!

  1. Where are you located? WE HAVE A NEW LOCATION! Effective April 2017, we are now located in Norwood at 4927 Beech Street, Cincinnati OH 45212. Click here for details including all the rules that now apply to our new location.
  2. How early can I come to get food on distribution day? No Pantry clients may arrive before 9am on distribution date. NO EXCEPTIONS. There is NO reason to come any earlier – please do not come earlier than 9am. We must be respectful of our landlord or the Pantry will close for good.
  3. Where should I park on distribution day?  There is a parking lot for Orchem Corp to the left of the Orchem building. Park there.   DO NOT PARK IN THE PARKING LOT BEFORE 9AM.  DO NOT WALK OVER TO THE NEW LOCATION BEFORE 9AM. DO NOT GET DROPPED OFF BEFORE 9AM. THIS IS THE RULE OF OUR NEW LOCATION AND THE NORWOOD POLICE HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED OF THIS RULE. We will lose our right to use this space if this rule is not followed, so it is important.
  4. When is your next distribution day? Check here for our next distribution day.
  5. I missed the distribution day, can I come some other time? No – we are not staffed other than once a month during our distribution day, so you need to get the distribution date on your calendar and make plans to come to the next one. We only give out food once per month. If you need food in the meanwhile, you will need to look for other help. Check with your local animal shelter, local human food pantries, and if you are a member of Pets in Need, they may be able to help you also. In addition, if you live on the east side of Cincinnati, try contacting the Clermont County Humane Society ( for assistance. If you are on the West Side of Cincinnati, Groovy Grooming Galz (4536 West 8th Street in West Price Hill) may be able to provide some emergency food assistance.
  6. I can’t come in person on distribution day – can I send someone in my place? No. You must come in person with your picture ID and proof of eligibility (or Pantry ID card if you have been given one) in order to qualify. That is a condition of the grant funding we receive. If you are unable to stand in line, you may come and stay in the car as long as you have someone who can stand in line for you. Our volunteer will go to the car to check your eligibility once it is your turn in line. We do not deliver food and we do not give out food on days other than the announced distribution day and we cannot give food to someone else for you for any reason.
  7. Can you send me the application ahead of time? No. We give them out to people who are in line. They are numbered so we can keep track of how many people we provide assistance to. You will have time to fill it out in line. We have pens and clipboards to help you.
  8. Do I have to live in Cincinnati to qualify? No. If you live anywhere in the greater Cincinnati area (southwest Ohio, northern KY, southeast Indiana) you are eligible as long as you meet the other eligibility criteria.
  9. Can I bring my dog or cat with me to distribution day? Not unless the dog/cat is a certified service animal. Otherwise, please leave your pets at home — NOT IN THE CAR.
  10. Why did you put me on a list to check again next month? It could be for a number of possible reasons. We may have had questions about your eligibility. We may have asked you to bring proof of the pets that you claimed on your application, or to bring proof that your pets are spayed/neutered (this is a requirement for dogs and cats unless your vet certifies that your dog or cat should not have surgery  – contact us if you need help getting your dog/cat spayed or neutered – help is available!). We may have asked you to bring updated paperwork confirming your eligibility. Just make sure you bring what we asked you to bring the next time you come so you get off the list and can get food.
  11. What’s the Pantry ID card and how do I get one?  We are now giving out ID cards once you have brought acceptable proof of your eligibility for the year. Once you get your ID card, you will only have to bring the ID card and your picture ID for the rest of the year – you won’t need to bring your proof of eligibility for the rest of the calendar year. If you forget or lose your card, you must bring your picture ID AND proof of eligibility again. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  12. Can I request specific food? You can list a preference on your application, but unless you have a vet prescription for specific food and that prescription is faxed to us (513-275-5842) ahead of time, we cannot guarantee that we can give you the food you request. Please understand that all of the food that we have available is donated. We often do not have the same food from month to month. And we often do not have much of any particular kind of food, so even if you see one person in line ahead of you with a certain type of food, we may not be able to give that to you. If you are not happy with the food that we provide you, you are welcome to decline it and not take any food at all.
  13. I didn’t get the right food when I came to the Pantry- how do I fix it? We apologize if we made a mistake. We are all volunteers doing our best. Please check your order carefully when our volunteer helps you take it to your car. Unfortunately once the Pantry is closed for the month, there is nothing we can do. If you receive food or other items that you cannot use and it’s unopened, please bring it back the next month so that someone else might be able to use it.
  14. Can you help me with vaccines or other medical care? Contact Pets in Need of Greater Cincinnati  520 W. Wyoming Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45215  513-761-PETS
  15. Where can I get my cat spayed/neutered? Contact OAR at 5619 Orlando Place, Cincinnati, OH 45227 Clinic: 513.871.0185  Email:  You can also contact UCAN at  2830 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225  513-721-7387.
  16. Where can I get my dog spayed/neutered? Contact UCAN at  2830 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225  513-721-7387.
  17. Do you give out leashes, collars, beds, flea medicine, etc? No – we just give out pet food.  Once or twice a year we may give out other items depending on what donations we have received throughout the year, but our focus is on making sure your pets are fed!
  18. Are bathrooms available while we wait at the Pantry? N0 – there are no public bathrooms at the Pantry. So please plan ahead when you come to the Pantry.
  19. How do I call the Pantry? Our hotline number is 513-275-5842.
  20. Why doesn’t anyone ever answer the phone number for the Pantry? We are all volunteers who have full-time jobs and other responsibilities. So the phone number is only a hotline with voicemail – it does not ring on a phone anywhere. We ask that if possible, you email us with your questions, as it is much easier for us to respond to you by email than it is for us to make outgoing phone calls. You will get a quicker answer if you give us your email address. We do not return calls that provide no detail as to why you are calling or if he information is available on our website so please explain the reason for your call and make sure the answer is not on our website.
  21. Can Pantry clients volunteer to give back? Unfortunately, no.  We appreciate the thought though. Our insurance carrier does not allow this, however.
  22. What if I have been coming to the Pantry for years but forget my picture ID or proof of eligibility/Pantry ID card one time – can I still get food that time? No – if there’s time, you should go home to get what you forgot so you can get food.  We require that all clients bring their picture ID and proof of eligibility (or their Pantry ID card if you have one) every single month. It’s a condition of funding we receive and we cannot jeopardize that. Before you leave to go get it, go through your car and wallet/purse – do you have something else that might work this month?
  23. Can I get a new dog or cat now that I have help feeding my pets? NO. Absolutely not. We are here to help you feed your current pets so they do not end up in a shelter. We are not here to help you add pets to your family, even if the dog or cat you want to take in might otherwise end up in a shelter. While you are receiving assistance from the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry, you are not in a position to take in new pets. Do not take in new pets. We reserve the right to terminate assistance to anyone who adds pets to their household.
  24. Is the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization? The Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry is a program operated by Recycled Doggies, Inc. Recycled Doggies, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our Tax ID Number is 27-0913056.
  25. If I donate food to your program, can I get a receipt for tax purposes?  Yes – if your store receipt is not sufficient or you don’t have a receipt, just let us know specifically what you donated and we will make sure you get a donation acknowledgement letter/receipt confirming your donation
  26. If I donate money in someone’s name, can you send them something letting them know a donation was made in their name? YES! We’d love to!
  27. I have food to donate – how can I do that? If it’s not a huge donation, you can drop it off at any of our donation drop off sites around the Cincinnati area. If your donation is bigger than will fit into a 55 gallon barrel, please contact us at to set up a time to get the donation from you.  Since the Pantry is not staffed regularly, we will need to coordinate with a volunteer who can meet you. Thanks for your patience and for donating!
  28. I want to volunteer. What can I do?  That depends on what you had in mind!  Our primary need for in-person volunteers is for our distribution days, which are one Sunday morning per month. To volunteer for distribution day, fill out the volunteer registration form so you get on our monthly email list.  If you would like to do a food drive, contact us at to get details about what we need and to make arrangements for us to get the donations from you. Depending on availability, we may even we able to offer you a prize to give out to your biggest contributor!
  29. How do I contact you with questions? Email us at or contact us using this form.


FAQs updated February 29, 2016