Giving up a family pet to make sure it is has food and is healthy is a very traumatic experience for both the humans AND the animal. Fortunately, many families will no longer be required to make the choice to feed themselves or their pets. The Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry provides temporary food assistance to qualifying low income pet owners wh.  o are currently unable to afford food for their pets and may be forced to give up their pets without food assistance. We strive to give out approximately a 2 week supply of food for clients’ pets – this means you may have to still buy food for your pets to make it through the month. NOTE: WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF FOOD EACH CLIENT GETS BASED ON THE DONATIONS WE HAVE RECEIVED DURING THE MONTH. OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE SOME ASSISTANCE TO EACH ELIGIBLE CLIENT. Dog food and cat food and cat litter will be made available to needy families and their pets at our distribution events.

Our Mission

To keep pets with their families and prevent pets from being surrendered to local shelters, turned loose, or otherwise given up because a pet owner is unable to afford food for their pet.

Who We Are

The Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry is a program run by the Cincinnati-based animal rescue, Recycled Doggies. Recycled Doggies focuses on saving dogs from death row at local animal shelters and finding them new homes. However, in addition to saving the dogs already in shelters, Recycled Doggies wants to be part of the solution by preventing family pets from being given up to shelters in the first place. Recycled Doggies hopes to bring awareness to the effect that the economy is having on pet owners in our area by offering pet food assistance to help keep pets with their families and out of shelters and off the streets.

About Recycled Doggies

Recycled Doggies is a Cincinnati-based animal rescue. We focus primarily on dogs that are on death row at local animal shelters.

Recycled Doggies is an all-foster rescue formed by former volunteers of a Kentucky shelter. We have taken all that we learned while volunteering at the shelter and formed this rescue to help shelter dogs, one by one, escape death and find their forever homes through Recycled Doggies.

As a rescue, we are often asked to take dogs that pet owners are being forced to give up due to financial circumstances. While we generally do not accept owner surrender dogs since our focus is on the death row dogs whose situation is urgent, we decided to try to help pet owners avoid having to give up their pets. That’s what led us to create the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry.

The Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry is a program of Recycled Doggies. Recycled Doggies is exempt from federal taxes pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Federal tax ID number 27-0913056) so your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.